AF Rat Box Liner - Pack of 24

AF Rat Box Liner - Pack of 24
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AF Rat Box Liner
The AF Rat Box Liner is a useful accessory that fits neatly into the station. When used in conjunction with the AF Rat Box, it enables the box to be cleaned easily and assists quick servicing when using grain baits. Additionally this liner can be used when the metal bait rod is used.

AF Bait Station Anchor
Ideal for fixing the rat box into soft ground, it can be hammered into position using one of the pre-drilled holes in the base.

AF Bait Station Peg
The bait station peg can be used as a base fixing, locating through holes provided. Alternatively it can be used as a wall fixing by drilling a 10mm hole through the centre pillar along the cut line indicated.

Cable Fixing
When fixing brackets are not appropriate, this quick and easy fixing method is ideal. Attach one end of 1.2mm wire rope (NET149) to the bait box as indicated and attach the other end to a wall, fence etc. (you will need crimps (NET073) and crimping pliers (BIR018) for this fixing method). Leave enough wire to allow the box to be lifted and serviced during inspection, usually 40-50cm.

Snap-E & Trapper T-Rex Traps
Can be used in the AF Rat Box for a quick kill of a single rat

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Professional use only No