AF® Telescopic Bait Rod

AF® Telescopic Bait Rod, Clips & Cable Ties
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AF Telescopic Bait Rod - Each
AF Telescopic Bait Rod - 100 clips
AF Telescopic Bait Rod - 100 cable ties
The Telescopic Bait Rod can be used to place and retrieve baits/snap traps in hard to reach places, such as un-boarded loft spaces, roof voids, subfloor areas or to the rear of machinery. The bait rod reduces the need for ladders, crawler boards and other access equipment making it safer, easier and less time consuming for the pest control technician. The pole has 2 adjustable sections which can be locked and unlocked with a simple twist action. The telescopic design allows extension to any length up to 2.5 meters. Stick on clips and cable ties need to be purchased separately. Dimensions: Collapsed 0.85m, fully extended 2.5m.
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