AF Wasp and Fly Bait

AF Wasp and Fly Bait

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AF Wasp and Fly Bait - 1 x 5 litres

The AF Wasp and Fly Bait is a poison-free, non-toxic, food-grade lure, that is highly attractive to both Vespidae (wasps) and Muscidae (synanthropic flies) species. AF Wasp and Fly Bait is not based on protein bait, therefore does not have an unpleasant odour and does not require activation time (fermentation process of protein-based baits requires a few days to make the trap active). It can be used in the vicinity of human activity, providing immediate effective monitoring action against both wasps and flies.

  • • Poison-free.
  • • Non-toxic.
  • • Lasts for 4 weeks.
  • • Safe to the environment.
  • • Safe to non-target species.
  • • Does not attract honey bees and bumblebees.
  • • Odourless.
  • • Effective monitoring against both wasp and flies.
  • • Immediate effect, no activation time.
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