AF® Tunnels x 36

AF® Tunnels x 36

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AF® Tunnels x 36 & 1 x 500ml Racumin Foam

Buy 36 x AF® Tunnels for the special price and get 500ml Racumin Foam FREE OF CHARGE

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AF® Tunnels
Small, low-profile and discreet.
A compact and robust rat bait tunnel with the same outstanding quality of the AF® range.
New design key locking system for increased security.
The versatile tunnel can also be used with blocks, grain, pasta, pasta trays and can hold.
2 x Snap-E Mouse Traps.
The new bait bar is attached inside the lid, favouring the natural feeding behaviour of rodents.
The lid can be removed completely for better access.
Locator key hole in base.
Corporate printing available.
Dimensions: W: 130 mm x H: 111 mm x D: 320 mm.
Supplied in boxes of 12.

Racumin Foam
Contains 0.4% Coumatetralyl

Racumin® Foam is the perfect complementary control measure which can be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management programme.

Quick and easy to apply; ready to use product Racumin® Foam Takes advantage of a rat’s grooming behaviour; rats groom 20% of the time in a 24 hour period, therefore contact with Racumin® Foam will ensure ingestion of the active ingredient Can be placed in locations such as cavity walls, where traditional baiting methods are not possible It provides an additional level of control that cannot be achieved with current baiting techniques Offers an ideal solution where bait shyness or neophobia is an issue Racumin® Foam is not a bait and therefore does not rely on palatability Once applied the disturbed foam provides a good visual guide to the level of rodent activity

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