AF® Wasp & Fly Traps & 5L AF® Wasp & Fly Bait

AF® Wasp & Fly Traps & 5L AF® Wasp & Fly Bait

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AF® Wasp & Fly Traps - 3 packs of 6
5L AF® Wasp & Fly Bait

Buy 3 packs of 6 AF® Wasp & Fly Traps & a 5L AF® Wasp & Fly Bait for the

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AF Wasp and Fly Trap
The AF Wasp and Fly trap is a reusable trap made from hardwearing polypropylene. Ideal for use in all areas where wasps and flies need to be controlled, such as food storage and processing areas, patios, beer gardens, bin storage and leisure areas. The trap is supplied with an easy to fit hanging cord which can be attached through eyelets in the trap lid.

The trap base has raised feet which also allow the trap to be used on flat surfaces if required. The trap should be serviced regularly, removing dead insects and re-filling with fresh liquid bait. Liquid Wasp & Fly Bait sold separately.

AF Wasp and Fly Bait
The AF Wasp and Fly Bait is a poison-free, non-toxic, food-grade lure, that is highly attractive to both Vespidae (wasps) and Muscidae (synanthropic flies) species. AF Wasp and Fly Bait is not based on protein bait, therefore does not have an unpleasant odour and does not require activation time (fermentation process of protein-based baits requires a fewdays to make the trap active). It can be used in the vicinity of human activity, providing immediate effective action against both wasps and flies.

• Poison-free.
• Non-toxic.
• Lasts for 4 weeks.
• Safe to the environment.
• Safe to non-target species.
• Does not attract honey bees and bumblebees.
• Odourless.
• Effective against both wasp and flies.
• Immediate efficacy, no activation time.

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