AR8 Pro Bundle

AR8 Pro Bundle

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AR8 Pro Kit
AF Powder Scoop
Ficam D™

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AR8 Pro - Conversion Kit
A conversion kit containing all the parts required to convert a Lance Lab AR 8 CO₂ lance or an XL 8 / T8 lance into a fully working AR 8 Pro lance. The conversion takes under two minutes to complete. The converted lance stores inside the original AR8 CO₂or XL 8 / T8 carry case. The conversion kit contains the following parts:

• 1 x Stainless Steel 1L refillable pressure tank
• 1 x Pole Section 7 (Top)
• 1 x Powder Chamber and cap
• 1 x Flexible Nozzle and cap
• 1 x 5g Powder Scoop
• 1 x 8m replacement hose kit

AF Powder Scoop
The AF Powder Scoop has been designed to allow the easy filling of a wide range of dusting equipment. This useful tool, made from polypropylene, helps to reduce the exposure time to insecticidal powders and reduces waste from spilt powder. It can be used as a traditional scoop for larger dusting application equipment or as a combined scoop/funnel for use with smaller powder application tools.

AF Powder Scoop
Contains 1.25% bendiocarb
An odourless dust for the control of Ants, Wasps and Hornets (nests), including Asian Hornets. Superior control against wasps, as does not excite the wasps. Formulation allows high penetration into void areas.
This product can only be used by people who are required to use pesticides as part of their work and who have received appropriate information, instruction and training.

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