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NET012-P7 Hog Ring 18mm Staples (stainless steel 2,500)
Avishock™ Tools Net/Flex-Track Shears
NET010-P7 Hog Ring 18mm Staples (plain 2,500)
NET011-P7 Hog Ring 18mm Staples (aluminium 2,500)
NET009-P7 Hog Ringer

The net is attached to the tensioned wire by special staples known as Hog Rings. The new Network Hog Ring Tool uses special 18mm Hog Rings which produce circular staples which hold the net firmly in place. Excess net can then be trimmed off using net shears. 

(Bostich Hog Rings for the Bostich Hog Ring Tool are still available. Details on request).

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