B&G 152, 5 Litre Sprayer with 18" Extenda-Ban Lance

B&G 152, 5 Litre Sprayer with 18" Extenda-Ban Lance
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A stainless steel sprayer based on the highly reliable Eurosprayer design. The tank is slightly slimmer and protected from knocks by durable plastic end caps which feature clips to allow attachment of accessories for ease of use. The bottom cap is removable with space to store a replacement gasket set for emergency repairs. The outlet valve is sited on the top of the unit reducing the likelihood of impact damage when in use. Pressure relief valve (60psi) and gauge are fitted as standard and can be removed for easy maintenance. A standard hose is supplied with an XR Gun trigger with check valve.

The Extenda-Ban is fitted with a MulteeJet tip which gives a choice of 3 different spray settings (fan, pinstream or crack and crevice). The lance is available in three lengths i.e. 9", 18", 24". The Ban-Drip Pistol grip valve is also available. Since the Extenda-Ban lance and Ban-Drip valve tip shut off, they are non-drip and operators have better control of where the pesticide is placed. This greater accuracy and lower usage gives better protection to the environment.

Image shows B&G 152, 5 Litre Sprayer with 18" Extenda-Ban Lance.