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Get all the following for the special price

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Pack of 10 AF® Rodent Cone
3m Raxit Doorseal Roll
3kg Repair Cement
290ml Express Repair Cement
300ml Decorators Caulk
300ml MouseStop
Pack of 20 Cavity Weepholes

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AF Rodent Proofing Cone
The AF Rodent Proofing Cone is a quick and simple solution to help prevent rodents from gaining access to properties. The cone can be used on both round and square pipes of various sizes from 50mm to 110mm. It is easily attached to the pipe using cable ties and the cone can be cut to size to create a rodent proof barrier. The kit comprises of 10 cones, cable ties and fitting instructions.

Raxit Doorseal Roll
The Raxit Door Seal is a convenient 3-meter length proofing seal that can be easily cut to size. It can be used to proof doors, gates and gaps on buildings. The seal when fitted enables you to securely proof the threshold against rodents and other pests. Made from 3.2mm wide flame retardant Santoprene™ this highly flexible and durable material is reinforced with steel wires to stop rodents from chewing through. The seal is corrugated to ensure the steel wires inlaid into the seal do not slide. The seal can be fixed using flatheaded screws and an adhesive sealant such as Avisil/Avifix. If required a protection strip can be fitted (Wood, Aluminium, Plastic or Stainless steel) to maintain the look of the proofed area.

Rapid Repair Cement
Rapid Repair Cement is a cement-based product that is easy to use and sets in approximately 30 minutes.
• Rapid setting time – 30 minutes
• Ideal for rapid patching or when a fast repair job is needed
• Sets in the cold and wet
• Easy mixing, just add water
• Fills up to 25mm in one application
• Tested to BSEN1504 – 3 Class R2

Express Repair Cement
Useful in both rodent and bird proofing applications. Cement Repair Express is a high-quality filler for easy and shrink free repairing of cracks and joints in concrete, cement and brickwork. The product has excellent adhesion and can be used in both internal and external areas. It is fast curing and does not shrink. If necessary, the product can be painted once dry. Colour – grey. MouseStop
Mousestop is a non-toxic ready to use paste which helps prevent rodents gaining access and to protect buildings. Mousestop is water repellent and can be painted.

Weep Hole Fittings 6cm
Weep Hole Fittings provide a new solution to avoid rodents and wasps entering cavity walls through drainage and ventilation holes. These fittings provide outstanding flexibility and are quick and easy to fit with no tools necessary. Made from strong stainless spring steel, weep hole fittings fit into 6cm high holes neatly, securely, and discreetly. These fittings can also be cut to fit into smaller holes.

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