Chameleon® 1x2 IP

Chameleon® 1x2 IP - Each ( includes WEEE charge: £0.50 )
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The Chameleon® 1x2IP unit is suitable for areas that are steam-cleaned, hosed down and damp or corrosive environments e.g. dairies, abattoirs and industrial kitchens. Fully tested and independently safety approved to IP66, offering a high degree of protection against dust and water, thus allowing suitability in demanding environments.

Chassis and guard construction from brushed stainless steel for long life, durability and excellent corrosion resistance.

Two 15-watt powerful Quantum BL tubes coated with DuPont Teflon® fluoropolymer gives 180° coverage.

Supplied with special plastic boards.

Dimensions: H x W x D = 31 x 50 x 10cm

Weight: 6.1kg

Wall-mounted / Freestanding: 90m²