Chemlock Dual Box

Chemlock Dual Box - Each

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Detachable lid, with a 77mm lip height, can be used as a spill tray to avoid spillages. Is lightweight, less than twice the weight of a similar sized steel box and is therefore easier to lift and carry.

External Dimensions: 560mm x 390mm x 425mm
Box Weight: 7kg
Box Carrying Capacity: 30 Litres
Will accommodate 4 x 5 Litres

The Box and lid are made from specifically formulated thermoplastic to be super strong and chemical resistant. The compound provides a wide spectrum of chemical resistance making the box both lightweight with significant impact and tensile strength. A permanent bond is achieved using a replaceable high ACN nitrile rubber seal selected for its high resistance to chemicals. Designed to take into account the Professional Operator working with Aluminium Phosphide.

The Pest Partner Box can be used as a stand-alone box or used in conjunction with the Dual Box. When the latter, the Dual Box acts as a "mother box" providing double fume protection.