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Larus spp. Seagulls

Over the last few decades, the incidence of seagulls, such as the Herring Gull and the Lesser Black-Backed Gull, nesting on roofs has increased dramatically, causing enormous problems for those living or working below.

The Chimney Spike has been developed to help overcome these problems, particularly for residential properties.

The Chimney Spike is made from stainless steel, for maximum corrosion resistance. The ends of the 12" (300mm) long spikes are cut square, so the birds are not harmed - just frustrated!

The Chimney Spike is supplied "flat packed" for erection on site. It is easily bent into a "crown" of repellent spikes, using no more than a pair of pliers.

The Chimney Spike can be fixed in place with sand and cement mortar, or it can be secured with a suitable screw and wallplug.

WARNING - The Chimney Spike is best installed outside the breeding season, which runs between April and August in Europe. If work starts during this time, you can expect to be attacked by the birds, so all necessary safety precautions must be taken.