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Ficam® D

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Final sale date 29th July 2024 - Final use up date 25th January 2025


Contains 1.25% bendiocarb

An odourless dust for the control of Ants, Wasps and Hornets (nests), including Asian Hornets. Superior control against wasps, as does not excite the wasps. Formulation allows high penetration into void areas.



This product can only be used by people who are required to use pesticides as part of their work and who have received appropriate information, instruction and training.

More Information
More Information
Authorisation Number HSE 4829
Product Description Enhance your pest control strategy with Ficam D, a powerful insecticide powder containing 1.25% bendiocarb. Designed for professional use, Ficam D provides superior control against ants, wasps, hornets (nests), including Asian hornets.

This odourless dust formulation ensures effective control in difficult-to-access areas such as loft spaces and wall cavities. With its high penetration capability into void areas, Ficam D delivers targeted action against pests, including those near electrical wires or installations where liquid insecticides would pose hazards.

Please note that Ficam D is for professional use only. Ensure appropriate training and adherence to safety guidelines before application.

Key Features:
- Easy application via hand shaker, puffer pack, bellows, or piston-type applicator guns.
- Broad list of on-label recommendations, making it a flexible product for various pest control needs.
- Odourless, non-tainting, and non-staining formulation.
- Does not excite or repel insects, ensuring effective control without agitating wasps.
- Compatible with the Matabi Polminor dust and powder applicator for safe and efficient use.
- For professional application, consider our AR8 Pro Kit for Ficam D Application, featuring a telescopic dusting lance for precise and easy application.

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