Nilaqua® Bundle

Nilaqua® Bundle

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Nilaqua® Dispenser, 5 litres of Sanitiser Refill and 7x100ml Hand Sanitiser

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Nilaqua® Dispenser
Nilaqua Dispensers are ideal for all washrooms with high traffic and come with a refillable cartridge solution that provides less waste environmentally and cost benefits too. Holds up to 1000ml and made from durable ABS plastic. Refills are available in 5 litre bottles or 800ml pouches.

• “Slim Look” design
• Glossy shiny surface
• Recessed window for viewing soap levels
• Permanent install with screw sets or adhesive for effortless installation

5 litres of Sanitiser Refill
Nilaqua hand sanitisers are alcohol-free, killing germs whilst being kind and gentle to the skin.

• Alcohol Free Sanitiser
• EN1500 approved
• Non-irritating, drying and toxic
• Tested Food and Skin Safe
• Won’t remove nail polish
• Dries quickly, fragrance free
• Doesn’t leave an oily residue
Nilaqua Sanitiser kills germs fast, yet is gentle to the skin and won’t sting cuts or dry the skin.

Nilaqua Instant Hand Sanitiser
Killgerm Hand Sanitiser (Nilaqua) is an alcohol-free, quick drying hand sanitiser that offers post application protection for up to 6 hours. Based on two active ingredients, Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride and Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, it Kills up to 99.9999% of germs, including Coronavirus, MRSA, C-diff, Norovirus and more. Killgerm Hand Sanitiser (Nilaqua) is non-skin drying and non-skin irritating. EN1500 approved product (Hygienic Hand Rub test - pass).

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