Omega (standoff) screen

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Omega Screen (up to 800mm x 800mm)
Omega Screen (up to 1200mm x 1200mm)
The Omega standoff system is similar to the K1 system. It is used principally as a top or side opening rigid framed window flyscreen. The mesh is secured in our standard way of rubber spline pushed into the included groove in the profile.

The Omega profile is designed to give 35mm clearance from the frame the flyscreen is fixed to. One of the major applications of this style of flyscreen is to accomodate window handles and catches typical of those used on UPVC double glazed units.

Any Omega screen wanting to be manufactured which is below the sizes listed, will be rounded up to the appropriate price.

For example, a screen required to be 600mm x 1000mm will be £102.00.
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Professional use only No