PA2 Powder Applicator, 3kg Ficam D & AF Powder Scoop

PA2 Powder Applicator, 3kg Ficam D & AF Powder Scoop

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1 x PA2 Powder Applicator, 1 x 3kg Ficam D, 1 x AF Powder Scoop

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PA2 Powder Applicator
An efficient, effective and simple to use powder applicator from the manufacturers of the "Gaspot". The PA2 is fast and easy to use - it enables more wasp nests to be treated in less time. Just insert the CO2 cartridge and the PA2 is pressurised and ready to use. Extremely light and self contained - no requirement to recycle gas cylinders. One 12g cylinder is recommended per wasp nest. Supplied with 12 cartridges.

Ficam D
Contains 1.25% bendiocarb
This product can only be used by people who are required to use pesticides as part of their work and who have received appropriate information, instruction and training.

AF Powder Scoop
The AF Powder Scoop has been designed to allow the easy filling of a wide range of dusting equipment. This useful tool, made from polypropylene, helps to reduce the exposure time to insecticidal powders and reduces waste from spilt powder. It can be used as a traditional scoop for larger dusting application equipment or as a combined scoop/funnel for use with smaller powder application tools.

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