Sakarat®D Liquid Bait x 2 Packs & AF® Atoms x 2 cases

Sakarat®D Liquid Bait x 2 Packs & AF® Atoms x 2 cases

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Sakarat®D Liquid Bait x 2 Packs & AF® Atoms x 2 cases

Buy 2 packs of 5 x 250ml Sakarat® D Liquid Bait and 2 cases of 8 AF® Atoms for the

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Sakarat®D Liquid Bait

Contains: 0.005%W/W (0.05g/kg) Difenacoum

  • Ready-to-use formulation
  • Especially useful when rodents are active in dry conditions
  • Childproof cap and sealed with a safety membrane
  • Highly attractive formulation
  • 100ml version for rats and mice
  • 250ml version for rats only
  • For use in and around buildings

AF® Atoms

This small and compact, stackable rat bait box offers a high quality, affordable alternative to larger bait boxes.

  • Versatile - can use a trap, a drinker or blocks baits either vertically or horizontally
  • Stackable design
  • Tamper Resistant box
  • Single AF lock - accessible from the front to stop debris build up in the lock
  • Sloping entrance tunnel to help prevent water ingress
  • Removable lid for ease of inspection & record keeping
  • Corporate printing available
  • 250mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 110mm (H)

Personalisation available, initial plate costs £63.00.
Printing cost: 6 x 8 (48 stations) = 20 pence per station.
Printing cost: 25 x 8 (200 stations) =15 pence per station.

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