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Get all of the following for the special price

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SenSci Pyramid™ - Pack of 24
SenSci Activ - Pack of 12
Lureking Bed Bug Monitor - Pack of 100
Killgerm® Bedbug Life Cycles x 1

Get all of the following for the

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SenSci Pyramid™
The SenSci Pyramid™ is a revolutionary new glueboard specifically designed for bedbugs. This design combines the efficacy of pitfall traps with the affordability of glueboards in one seamless design. Although research has seen typical glueboards as ineffective for bedbugs, experience and technology has been used to develop a glueboard that is highly effective for bedbugs. The Pyramid can also be used for other pests including cockroaches, whereby a cockroach lure can be added.

SenSci Activ
Developed by Rutgers University in the USA this highly effective long lasting lure (up to 12 weeks) will attract bedbugs from up to 5 feet away.

Lureking Bed Bug Monitor
The Lureking Bedbug Monitors offer protection before, during and after treatment. They can be slipped under or behind a bed, behind curtains or easily hidden in tight spaces around furniture. The Lureking Bedbug Monitors are a safe and non-toxic solution to monitoring bed bugs. Once assembled there is no need to add a lure as it is already included in the glue. The rough card exterior on the ramps enables the bed bugs to climb easily into the trap. The shiny card surface on the inside prevents them from escaping. The traps are highly effective for detecting low level populations before they get out of control. Checking and marking the monitors weekly can help with early detection to alert pest controllers of the need for treatment before the population increases. They are ideal for locating problem areas of harbourage, enhancing control efforts and alerting pest controllers to areas/rooms where they need to intensify treatments.

Killgerm® Bedbug Life Cycles
These robust, felt-backed life cycles are ideal for training in the identification of bedbugs. Each bedbug life cycle contains nine separate specimens, which have been carefully preserved before being cast in crystal clear polyester resin. A bedbug life cycle can be used as a handy reference for distinguishing male and female bedbugs, as well as each of the five nymphal stages, allowing the technician to make an accurate assessment of the age of an infestation. The bedbug life cycle also includes a cast skin, aiding in the identification of one of the key tell-tale signs.

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