Vazor® Fumigator

Box of 6 × 10g
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Contains 7.2% cyphenothrin

A novel water-activated smoke generator, based on the modern fast-acting pyrethroid Cyphenothrin. As Vazor®, fumigators are water activated, they do not require a wick or a flame, which reduces risk to the operator and client. A further safety feature is the delayed emission of smoke particles, which reduces operator exposure. The fine smoke particles give good penetration into cracks and crevices, providing excellent efficacy against a range of flying and crawling insects, with no staining or dust residues.

Crawling Insects 55m3, Flying Insects 110m3


This product can only be used by people who are required to use pesticides as part of their work and who have received appropriate information, instruction and training.

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Authorisation Number N/A
Professional use only Yes

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