Wire Rope Grips

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NET335 - 3mm Grip, Galvanised - Per 20
NET018 - 3mm Grip, S/S Wire - Per 10
NET171 - N7 Wire Cutters - Each
NET022 - Ratchet Crimping Tool - Each
NET049 - 7mm Nut Spinner - Each

These are available in either galvanised or stainless (316 grade) steel. They can be used with either 2mm or 3mm diameter wire. The wire rope grips are tightened using a nut spinner, 7mm size for galvanised wire rope grips and 5.5mm size for the stainless steel ones. 

The ferrules are attached using a special tool known as a ratchet crimper. A heavy duty wire cutter is needed to cut this wire cleanly.

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