180° Flat Flange Bristle Strip

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180° Flat Flange - 20mm Bristle - Each
180° Flat Flange - 34mm Bristle - Each
180° Flat Flange - 44mm Bristle - Each
180° Flat Flange - 80mm Bristle - Each
180° Flat Flange - 102mm Bristle - Each
180° Flat Flange - 150mm Bristle - Each

Keep out insects, birds and rodents with the Killgerm bristle strip. Correctly fitted to seal gaps around doors and windows, Killgerm bristle strip will help prevent vermin from gaining access to buildings. As an added bonus, it also helps to seal against draught, dust and noise pollution.

Supplied in 1.0 metre lengths and six trim sizes from 20mm to 150mm, the Killgerm bristle strip gives you the opportunity to offer extra service to your customers by not just eliminating vermin from their premises, but also preventing re-infestation. 

All Killgerm sections are available with flat (180), 45 or 90 degree angled fixing carrier, suitable for a variety of fixing situations.

  Code   A   B   C   D   Length  
  1   11mm   7mm   6.7mm   20mm   1 metres  
  2   11mm   7mm   6.7mm   34mm   1 metres  
  3   13mm   8.4mm   8mm   44mm   1 metres  
  4   18mm   11mm   10.5mm   80mm   1 metres  
  5   18mm   11mm   10.5mm   102mm   1 metres  
  6   20mm   13mm   12.4mm   150mm   1 metres  
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