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AF Amicus

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Wildlife Conscious Rat Control
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Killgerm AF Amicus Bait Box

New and improved!

You may have come across our AF Amicus a few years ago, but this product has undergone significant development since then. We always listen to our customers, which is why our AF Amicus now has two clips on the front. These clips keep the bait secure, making this a safer and easier-to-use product.

Why the Amicus?

Targeting specific species just became a whole lot easier. Using what we know about rat behaviour, we have created the AF Amicus. Providing a controlled environment for trapping & baiting the Killgerm AF Amicus minimizes associated risks, ensuring optimal effectiveness. Mounted to a wall or screwed to a stand, this bait box is effective in a variety of environments, including urban areas. As part of our wider product range, we offer a bait station stand. This is a perfect mounting solution for areas that have no available fixed hanging points. AF Amicus Stand sold separately. Killgerm AF Amicus excels in protecting bait from potential damage caused by slugs and snails. Acting as a reliable barrier, this bait station shields the rodenticides, preserving their potency over an extended period. Such longevity maximizes the success of pest control efforts, ensuring sustained effectiveness. Moreover, this bait station significantly contributes to increased trap safety. Its specialized design effectively reduces the chances of unintended species. This targeted approach enhances the efficiency and precision of pest control measures, leading to more effective removal of infestations. Make the Killgerm AF Amicus your go-to bait station, elevating your pest control initiatives to new heights. Embrace the power of the Killgerm AF Amicus and redefine your approach to pest control today. Beyond its functional advantages, the Killgerm AF Amicus embodies a wildlife-friendly approach. It actively minimizes risks to non-target species during Environmental Risk Assessments, aligning with responsible pest control practices. By reducing unintended fatalities and helping to ensure wildlife safety, this bait station embraces sustainable and eco-friendly rodent management principles.

Our Promise

Manufactured in the UK from recycled materials, like it always has been!

Suitable For

Suitable to use when dealing with brown rats (Rattus norvegicus).
Based on current regulation for UK mainland.

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