Cifarelli M1200 Powered Knapsack Sprayer/Duster

Cifarelli M1200 Powered Knapsack Sprayer/Duster - each
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The M1200 is equipped with a well proven powerful 5 horse power C.7 two-stroke engine. The high performance large diameter fan has an air displacement up to 20 cubic metres per minute, at speeds of up to 280mph, a variable flow control from 0-4 litres per minute and an effective reach up to 17 metres in calm weather conditions. The M1200 makes an ideal spray applicator for fungicides and insecticides at low volume spray applications where access to the target is limited. By removing two plugs from within the spray tank and installing two outlet pipes the M1200 is quickly converted from a mistblower to a powder duster. The machine includes a well-padded back support and harness to maximise operator comfort. Typical application – spraying fungicide and insecticide in soft fruit trees/bushes, fruit and salad crops under glass and polythene. Application of disinfectant in and around ventilated buildings such as poultry houses, and autumn leaf blowing.