Domobios Bed Bug Trap

Domobios Bed Bug Trap

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The Domobios Bed Bug Trap is a ready-to-use, bed bug monitor trap to help with the control of bed bug populations. Developed with a leading European University, the trap was created after observation of bed bug behaviour, especially their communication and living habits. The trap boasts an innovative and unique design that is very attractive to bed bugs. The trap is made up of several miniature cells, and once placed in a suitable location, it creates an effective mimic of a natural harbourage, providing an attractive and enticing environment for bed bugs to enter. Once they enter the trap, the bugs are not aware they’re becoming trapped because there is no glue present on the floor of the trap. They will continue to enter the harbourage, moving further up the trap towards the sloped roof until they are eventually glued to the ceiling. Once caught, the trap begins to exploit “self-amplification” to attract more bed bugs.
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