Insectrac CL

Insectrac CL

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Previously known as Exosex 

• INSECTRAC CL targets Clothes Moths (Tineola bisselliella)
• Fits an Integrated Pest Management approach
• Unique electrostatic properties spreads pheromone through population reducing mating encounters
• Reduce and potentially eliminate the need for chemical interventions
• Works continuously 24/7


Both supplied in packs of 24

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Insectrac CL Dispenser - Pack of 24
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Insectrac CL Tablets - Pack of 24
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Unique pheromone system for long-term population management and damage reduction of clothes moth Tineola bisselliella.

CL Tab employs pheromones for long term population management, specifically for clothes moth Tineola bisselliella. Using patented Entostat powder technology, the Insectrac CL Tab induces a transfer of pheromone among male moths to create a confusion effect. This process, called ‘Auto-Confusion’, spreads pheromone throughout the male moth population thereby interrupting the mating cycle and reducing the moth population. The product is ideally designed to be discrete for professional textile, heritage, costume storage and numerous other sites vulnerable to clothes moth attack. The Insectrac CL Tab system is simple to deploy with the associated CL Tab Holder. These can be kept permanently in place and the CL Tab replaced every 2 months. CL Tabs are supplied in packs of 24 tabs to effectively treat up to 600m². Use in conjunction with monitoring traps throughout the treatment area to assess the level of infestation. Over time a reduction in moth numbers being caught, indicates the effectiveness of the Insectrac system working.

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