LureKing No12 Corner Trap

LureKing No12 Corner Trap

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LureKing No12 Corner Trap - Box of 300

Enhanced, ready to use traps with an integrated, improved attractant. Offering protection before, during and after treatment, the Lureking No12 is a smaller discreet trap that fits perfectly into a corner, easily hidden around equipment or furniture. The traps are a safe, non-toxic solution to monitoring all types of cockroaches. Once assembled there is no need to add a lure as it is already included in the glue. The traps are highly effective for detecting low level populations, but also have a high capacity to be used as a substitute for when conventional insecticide is not safe to use e.g. In the food industry. The Lureking traps detect a potential problem before the population increases, they are ideal for locating problem areas of harbourage enhancing control efforts and allowing pest controllers to intensify treatments in certain areas. Supplied as 100 sets of 3 traps.
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