Odour Remover Bag

Odour Remover Bag

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Odour Remover Bag

A non-toxic and biodegradable way to remove unwanted smells and odours!

Earth Care odour remover simply and easily removes the odours caused by dead rats, mice as well as many other unpleasant odours.

Simply, place the Earth Care odour remover bag as close to the source of the smell as possible and it will literally soak up the unwanted smells (one bag per 100-200 square feet). The odour is gone within 24hours (98% of the time).

Customer comments:

I had a terrible rodent infestation in an entire side of my house. I The condition of the wall was horrific: the insulation was all eaten away, there were enormous rodent nests, feces, urine, insects and bio-matter from decayed rodents, all of which had permeated the sheathing, sheet-rock, studs, joists, and concrete foundation from the second floor all the way to the sill plate and foundation.

I cleared out all debris, and cleaned it with industrial grade, scented disinfectant, and replaced the sheathing. After sealing it all up I still had a smell of the nest and urine.

I have three kids and was glad to see your product is non-toxic. I placed 3 bags in the large basement room where the nest and urine smell was overwhelming. By the third day there was no trace of odor. It worked! What was so amazing was that the bags didnt need to come in contact with the affected area, just be near it. That was key, since I had already sealed it up.

This product is amazing. I am ordering more bags for the rest of the house. Thank you. I am a grateful and passionate client!

Jason, Massachusetts

I used the Odor Removal Bag because our cats had dragged in some critters while we were gone for a few days and with the ac turned up to 80 degrees one of the dead animals was already decomposing and had leaked stinky body liquids. You can only imagine the smell! I hung up th
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