On-Top Pro 2 X LED



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On-Top Pro 2 X LED

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On Top Pro 2 X LED - Each
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Introducing the Cutting-Edge Quantum X LED Flying Insect Control System for Suspended Ceilings!

Are you seeking the ultimate solution for discreet and effective flying insect control? Look no further than our revolutionary Quantum X LED technology. We've engineered an unparalleled solution that combines minimal power consumption with superior flying insect attraction, all within a patented installation concept designed for suspended ceilings. And that's not all – our system comes with a host of added benefits that truly set it apart.

Key Features and Advantages:
Unmatched Efficiency: Our Quantum X LED technology offers exceptional flying insect attraction while maintaining the lowest power consumption. Experience optimal results without compromising energy efficiency. Patented Installation Concept: Designed specifically for suspended ceilings, our system seamlessly integrates within the architecture, ensuring discreet and efficient fly control without disrupting the aesthetic appeal of your space. Extended Service Intervals: With the use of LED tubes, you'll only need to replace them once every 3 years, reducing maintenance hassles and costs, and ensuring consistent performance. Eco-Friendly Design: Say goodbye to mercury, excessive carbon footprints, and plastic waste. Our solution prioritises environmental responsibility without compromising effectiveness. Advanced Sticky Board: Our LED-optimized sticky board ensures that captured insects stay put. This innovation maximizes the system's efficiency and minimizes the chances of escape. Future-Proof Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with our future-proof technology. You'll benefit from the latest advancements in flying insect control, ensuring your investment stands the test of time. Specifications:

Dimensions: H: 59.2cm, W: 59.2cm, D: 70cm
Weight: 6kg
Suspended Ceiling Tile Compatibility: Replaces 600mm x 600mm (24” x 24”) tiles
Coverage: Ceiling recessed installation covers 40 – 50m2
Finish: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel for durability and aesthetics
Tube Data: Equipped with 2 Quantum X LED 370nm 550mm T5 shatter-resistant tubes
Replacement Sticky Board: Compatible with Led 21” Sticky Board (BOACHALED21)
Experience the evolution of flying insect control with our Quantum X LED system. Elevate your space's comfort and cleanliness with a solution that truly delivers on all fronts. Say goodbye to traditional methods and welcome the future of insect control. Contact us now to learn more about how our Quantum X LED system can transform your environment.

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