PX-ULV Odourcide

PX-ULV Odourcide

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PX-ULV Odourcide - 1 litre
A ready-to-use ULV cold-fogging product providing proven, highly effective odour control activity against a range of malodorous compounds including hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, ammonia and others. For use in agricultural, industrial, commercial, municipal and domestic sites. Use to combat malodours in prisons, waste transfer stations, waste bin storage areas, pest habitats and bodies (e.g. dead rodents), bird guano clearance jobs, house clearances, cellars, flood damaged buildings, maggot farms, sewage works, farms, industrial works, cess pits, animal processing by-product units, waste and landfill sites, drains, demolition works, kennels, catteries, etc.
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