PX17 Microcell Odour Counteractant Pot

PX17 Microcell Odour Counteractant Pot - Each
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PROFESSIONAL GRADE PX17 pots are moulded blocks of special absorbent polymer with millions of microscopic size cells holding concentrated Airicide® odour counteractant that is released gradually and uniformly into the air. Airicide® is not just an air freshener, it is made to merge with and change the geometrics of odorous molecules in the air, so they will not be recognised as offensive when they reach the nose. They can be used to eliminate foul odours from bacterial growth, cooking, smoking, pets, chemicals, etc. Airicide® is ‘azeotropic’, meaning it wants to become a vapour and uses capillary action to release odour counteractant 24 hours a day, day after day. 50 mm diameter
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