PX19 Odour Control Cabinet

PX19 Odour Control Cabinet - Each
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PX cabinets are ruggedly constructed in virtually unbreakable ABS plastic and containing no fan or batteries, they do not attract vandalism or theft. Easily adjustable side vents control the release of Airicide odour counteractant for individual needs. With the vents open the azeotropic & capillary action in millions of microscopic size cells in the PX19 microcell releases the Airicide odour counteractant 24 hours a day, day after day.
Can be easily installed anywhere using double sided pressure sensitive tape. Cabinet requires no drilling to damage tiles, no wiring or piping. Can be used free standing and moved room to room, but mounting on back of a door that will be opened and closed frequently provides desirable air movement.
Unobtrusive – the modern design cabinet in its neutral colour fits any décor. Servicing/replacing microcells takes less than 30 seconds. Easy to refill – it’s own “key” allows quick, controlled access for changing microcell. Dimensions 1 ¼” x 3 ¾” x 6” / 32mm x 96mm x 152mm.
For use with the PX19 Microcell Refill
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