PX60 RTU Foul Odour Eliminator

PX60 RTU Foul Odour Eliminator - Each
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Professional Grade PX60 is formulated with Airicide® odour counteractant to change the "geometrics" of odorous molecules in the air so they are not perceived as unpleasant.
PX60RTU is a ready to use, high intensity odour counteractant, formulated especially for institutional and commercial use to eliminate extremely unpleasant odours it removes a wide range of foul odours in everyday situations. Just spray PX60RTU on the source of foul odours or use as a space spray.
Counteracts foul odours from pet accidents, bacterial growth, sewage, fire, cooking, pets, washrooms, vomit, smoking, beer, paint, chemicals, human incontinence, refuse etc.
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Professional use only No