Sakarat Fluorescent Tracking Gel - Red



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Sakarat Fluorescent Tracking Gel - Red

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Sakarat Fluorescent Tracking Gel - Red - 1 X 300ml


Sakarat Fluorescent Tracking Gel transforms rodent control with its trade-specific approach, offering exceptional accuracy and a non-toxic formulation. This advanced gel provides numerous benefits for pest control professionals.

Unmatched Precision: Designed specifically for the trade industry, Sakarat Fluorescent Tracking Gel enables accurate monitoring and identification of rodent activity. Its exceptional precision allows for targeted interventions, resulting in highly effective rodent control strategies.

Non-Toxic Formulation: We formulate the gel using non-toxic ingredients, emphasizing safety and environmental consciousness. This ensures a safer solution without compromising its effectiveness, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Enhanced Visibility: The gel's fluorescent properties make rodent pathways, nests, and entry points visible. This heightened visibility streamlines the control process and enables targeted removal of rodent activity.

Superior Adhesion and Longevity: Sakarat Fluorescent Tracking Gel adheres remarkably well to various surfaces, providing long-lasting performance. Its visibility remains intact for extended periods, allowing continuous monitoring and reassessment of rodent movement.

Versatile for Trade Environments: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the gel accommodates different trade environments encountered in rodent control. Its easy application enables precise placement in critical areas for maximum effectiveness.

Trusted by Professionals: Pest control professionals widely use Sakarat Fluorescent Tracking Gel due to its proven track record. By using this product, tradespeople can have the same level of confidence in their pest management endeavours.

Seamless Integration with Control Strategies: The gel seamlessly complements other rodent control methods, such as traps and baits. By providing valuable insights into rodent behaviour, it enhances overall control strategies for maximum impact.

Elevate your rodent control efforts with Sakarat Fluorescent Tracking Gel and experience its revolutionary effects on pest management strategies. Trust Sakarat for safe and effective rodent control solutions that prioritize the environment and deliver exceptional results.

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